Lyme Public Library, Thursday Nov 7 at 7:PM

rtx1472x.6bcc2e354b13818c1bd6159740c12e6fNick will be discussing his new novel, UNDER THE SKIN, and his experience living and working in the developing world where human rights are often a figment of a despot ruler’s imagination.

The World Economic Forum published an interesting statistic this morning. In the US education is taken for granted for all citizens, men and women alike, how different this is for girls in the developing world.

Video: How do we educate the missing 66 million?

By: Shelly Esque

Nov 1st 2013

Even though we’ve made great progress in getting girls into school, there’s still about 66 million girls today who don’t attain education of any kind.

Shelly Esque – President of the Intel Foundation – looks at the challenges women face in their access to education and the need for equal opportunities.


                                                                                     (CLICK ON THIS MAP)

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