Foreign Exchange, a new novel by Nick Hahn, due 2014

“It was obvious that Gillani was setting me up, he was NickHahn_ForeignExchange200well aware of my personal feelings about US Drone attacks in Pakistan. I didn’t approve of them,  a classic “end justifying the means” scenario as we searched for senior leaders of Al Qaeda without regard for civilian casualties. We euphemistically  referred to these civilian deaths as collateral damage. Al Qeada kept civilians, women and children, as shields hoping to stop the attacks. Drones are a relentless and effective weapon, they fly where angels fear to tread without regard for weather or enemy fire. Drones are killing machines, devastating weapons, designed to search and destroy with laser beam efficiency.  In off the record conversation Washington justifies their use as being less costly than fighter jets in both monetary and human terms, our highly trained jet pilots are replaced by technicians in a Montana cave.  Gillani was a wily old fox, he knew he was boxing me into a corner and that my sense of decency and morality would trump my oath of office. I could decline his invitation and suggest that my charge d’affaires stand in for me but that creates a diplomatic conundrum or I could accept, exposing my strongly held views and inviting reprisal from Washington. I chose the latter.”

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