FOREIGN EXCHANGE by Nick Hahn, due 2014

“Tell me, my young friend, has your privileged life in the US been maintained in Pakistan? This is not Kansas, this is not the land of milk and honey promised in your bible, NickHahn_ForeignExchange200this is reality for billions of people. The West is an economic dictatorship no less evil and brutal than a genocidal despot in East Africa or the Middle East. Man’s humanity to man breaks down when the West attempts to enforce their economic will on the rest of us. This is economic genocide, not out of the barrel of a gun or the blade of a machete. This is far worse, coming from exploitation of labor and natural resources. Kansas is not reality. Kansas is a fantasy of the West created by the ill-gotten gains of a government bent on world domination through economic warfare.”


He was raising his voice, warming to the topic. Omar was a zealot, trained and educated to hate the West and the democratic governance that supports our market economy. This was a classic confrontation between the haves and have nots, a worldwide conundrum defying easy solution. I sympathized with Omar. His difficulty was not in defining the problem, but in articulating the solution. His concern about East/West geoeconomics and politics was real, albeit ill-informed. He needed more time in Kansas.”