Nick’s Pet Peeves

Zombies at the call center!

Ever call your utility, computer help center, insurance carrier or other vendor/suppler only to be forced through an endless series of filters when all you really want is a live, human voice on the other end of the line? Recently tried to contact a government agency, the first message I received: “your call is very important to us please stay on the line, your expected wait time is sixty minutes” followed by foul music interspersed with instructions on how I get answers to my questions on their equally inane website. GRRRRR! 1387170694_Call-centre-jokes

Nick’s Pet Peeves

Have you ever been in a supermarket check-out line, in a hurry, only to find yourself behind someone trying to match discount coupons against a cart full of groceries?


OMG, not only do they have hundreds of coupons, half of them expired, they’re arguing with the cashier over their validity.  Everything else in our modern world has been digitized, technified and computerized wouldn’t you think retailers/manufacturers could figure this out and make the whole process a simple APP on your smartphone rather than a ratty handful of paper coupons cut from endless  “occupant” mailings filling up our mailbox. At a bare minimum, how about a separate checkout line for “Coupons Only” like they do for “15 Items or Less”.

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Nick’s Pet Peeves

Why is it so many people think they have the right-away when merging into oncoming traffic on a super highway?

It always pisses me off when I’m driving 65 plus down I-95 in heavy traffic and the joker coming on the highway never slows down or looks, just barges out like he/she owns the road, grrrr!

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Nick’s Pet Peeves.

Should we be driving gas swallowing SUV’s in an age of energy conservation?

01-2011-toyota-prius chevrolet-suburban-ltz-8 solar-power-leasing-economics-11

When I drive past a gas station in Fairfield County, CT with gas prices over $4 and young mothers tooling around in Suburban’s, Expedition’s and Esplanade’s I cringe. It’s not that they can’t afford it but rather should they afford it? Hybrid’s are now mainstream being offered by all major car makers. Do the math, filling a standard Suburban with 31 gal fuel tank (some have 41 gal) using regular at $4.35 p/g in New Canaan costs $135.85. When divided by 14 miles/city it costs $9.63 per mile to take the kids to soccer practice not to mention picking Dad up at the station and driving to Book Club, yikes!  (ps: the book club is worth it). You can buy cargo space and good mileage for less, my Toyota Prius Hybrid gets 48/52 miles as do other hybrids. Large SUV’s, not SUPER large, are getting 28/35 miles. CT is going solar to conserve fossil fuel, we should do the same with the internal combustion engine.

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Nick’s Pet Peeves:

Should flat screen TV replace art over a fireplace?

Since flat screen HD/TV has become the rule, not the exception, for decorators and homebuilders, it begs the question, do they belong in a media room or a living room?


I come down solidly for the former; while we all enjoy wonderful life-like images flashing across our 45 inch flat screens we shouldn’t lose sight of family conversation, yes conversation, in front of a fire, beautiful art and NO CELLPHONE. The notion of mind numbing “viewing” taking the place of story time and family is not a positive addiction.

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