The Ambassador’s Daughter by Nick Hahn, due 2017

Seals Team-6 is a legend in Pakistan, headed up by US Navy Master Chief, Bull Casey, a tough 2b9690b641df448bc37080be35d3142fE-9, the highest ranking non-com in the Navy. The tattoo on his forearm said it all, ‘Don’t Tread On Me’.

Casey got his stripes the old fashioned way, through the ranks, he earned them.  He was respected by his peers, his men loved him, not a man on that team that wouldn’t take a bullet for Bull Casey.

We met in basic training, I was a recruit, Casey a drill Sargent. He couldn’t break me down physically or mentally, God knows he tried. That SOB busted my balls for seven long weeks of BUD’s training at Coronado, at the end of it all I found myself respecting the bastard, if not liking him.

I hadn’t seen him since graduation, not surprising I’d find him in an NCO club.

I smiled when the waitress said the beer was on the gentleman sitting at the bar. That was no gentleman, it was Casey, the insignia on the sleeve of his dress blues told you all you needed to know, red stripes, three stars and an eagle, not a man alive going to fuck with him.

I heard a rumor he was in town, seemed appropriate we’d meet in an NCO club, our last meeting in California was in the same place, they all looked the same.

He turned on the stool, I smiled and nodded. The long neck in my hand tipped forward, his did the same, he headed for my table.




The Ambassador’s Daughter, by Nick Hahn, due 2017








I started in the back streets of Karachi, there are no street names or addresses. You either knew where you were going or you didn’t get there. This is the cultural backwater of the country, it all comes together here,  a mélange of sights, sounds and smells. This, for me, is what Pakistan is all about, not the sanitized streets of Islamabad or the commercial offices of Lahore. This is where light and dark are indistinguishable, where good and evil mix in a cauldron of grey matter.

Here a man will risk his life betraying Al Qaeda for a price.  Here a man will risk his life defending his family name.

Here I will find Alex.

The Ambassador’s Daughter by Nick Hahn, due 2017

2390004_6123521“Jesus Mustafa, what the fuck is going on, I was right there, in their grasp, they could have had a US Ambassador, instead they take a 16-year-old girl, why, tell me why?”

He was still in shock, when he clears his mind and gets his emotions under control he’ll understand that we’re dealing with a highly sophisticated adversary.

Al Qaeda hasn’t terrified the western world because they’re brutal maniacs, they’ve done it because they’re calculating terrorists with a game-plan. They know what they’re doing, it’s about power and control, this kidnapping was planned from the day the Wintour’s transfer was announced in the Daily Express, the local Urdu language newspaper.

An Ambassador’s daughter was more valuable than the Ambassador. Her rescue is axiomatic, the Ambassador would bend, twist or break US policy. The kidnappers knew this, they would hold out, not for money, they’re looking at Guantanamo, high-profile prisoners, prisoners worth the life of an Ambassador’s daughter.