The Ambassador’s Daughter by Nick Hahn, due 2017

Alex arrives at the Taliban Village, it’s dusk, the sun is setting behind the Hindu Kush Mountains to the West. She’s tired, sore, hungry and terrified. She wants her parents, her boyfriend, and2390004_6123521 Beepa.

“I think this must be a dream, that I’ll wake any moment and be back at the Embassy in my pink and white bedroom with the Barbi Collection on the dresser and Beepa, the soft cuddly monkey I received when I was a baby.
Beepa was my childhood companion, he went with me everywhere, he slept with me, played with me and made cookies with me. If not for Sally, he would have bathed with me. He was my security, he protected me from the world, he made me feel safe and loved, I needed him, now!.”
The path up the hill was steep and rocky, my thin sneakers are not enough protection. I shouldn’t be daydreaming, I should be thinking about escape, about how I’ll react should one of these thugs come on to me.
They would come early morning, after the call to prayer, just before sunrise. 
Billy told me how he woke every day with a hard-on and sticky sheets. I giggled at this, I would say, “come on Billy, you must have been sleepwalking”,  he would grin and respond, “nope, sleep-fucking”.
Christ, I’m going be tortured and raped in the morning and all I can think about are Billy Watson’s  wet-dreams.
Get it together girl, this isn’t a dream.”