Nick’s Musings!

Nick with Gabrielle Bernstein

For months I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a blog, a brief summation of my feelings, thoughts, opinions, and ideas about the creative process, world events, and our State Of The Union!

As many of my FB family and friends know I’ve traveled the developing world for the past 20 years learning, experiencing and discovering that we in America are not the only ones occupying this fragile place called Planet Earth and that we have so much to learn from our neighbors, politically, culturally and religiously.

Will my writings be unbiased, of course not, they will reflect 78 years of living, failing, succeeding and finding my way in a world beset with contradiction, disappointment, and danger?

The blog will publish monthly to start, I’ll see how it goes and what kind of response I get from you, my readers and friends, if positive I can move it up a notch to bi-weekly :)))

Come along with me on this improbable journey through a life I’m still living, inshallah!!