If ever there was a time to consider the power of words it has to be during a presidential election.

How many times a day lately do we hear someone, usually a candidate or a candidate’s hand-picked spokesperson say: “my comment was taken out of context” or “I was taken out of context”.

Context: to repeat part of what someone has said or written without describing the situation in which it was said so that it means something quite different.

The notion of context may be the best excuse for criticizing ever conceived. we say something hurtful or blatantly untrue and then, when we get called out on it, we simply say. “you’ve taken my comment out of context”.

Excuse my English, but with these politicians, that’s pure Bullshit! They’re professionals, they say what they mean and mean what they say.

I miss Kellyanne Conway, she was the master of linguistic manipulation, when she was blowing the dog-whistle for the President every mongrel in the neighborhood heard her, and when the press complained she would simply say “that was taken out of context”.

As we begin the countdown to November 3rd, the dogs will be out of the pound and roaming the streets listening for the whistle.

With the debates and townhalls behind us and one Sunday left for the Talk Shows, where will Kellyanne be when you need her Mr. President?

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