Less than a week before E-Day and the inmates are escaping from the asylum. Both campaigns are running scared, the managers are spinning the polls, the volunteers are starting to believe the “fake” news, and the candidates are digging foxholes to avoid incoming flak from the media. 

The campaigns are in the red zone, the toughest few days in a long struggle. The polls are pulling even, the opposition research is fiction, the foreign influence is peaking and the legal teams are being assembled to mount a challenge to the supreme court for voter fraud,

This is not politics as usual folks, this is a cage match in a pre dystopian world with the players ready to emerge on cue

This is Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” replete with handmaidens, authoritarian leaders, constant surveillance, environmental destruction, and societal compliance.

“So, you want to create a world  where the ruling elite manipulate the masses and create a glistening veneer that hides and contradicts a seedy underbelly of corruption?”

Are you sure you’re not drafting a modern-day political drama where the one-percenters wink at each other and the ninety-nine percenters pay the taxes?

Am I being a little harsh, am I overstating the obvious, or are we just going through a rough patch of political dysfunction, a period of societal triage where the haves make decisions for the have-nots?

Each of us has to decide this for ourselves. We can’t rely on the media, we can’t rely on family or friends, we can’t rely on history; this election is about us and it’s deep down and personal. 

This is your chance to change the momentum, the trajectory of life for your children and grandchildren, get out and VOTE!

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