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mea culpa


I keep looking for a silver lining inside this pandemic,  there is one you know.

Throughout history, there have been wars, fires, natural disasters, economic depressions, and yes, pestilence.

My generation saw WW2, my parents and their parents saw a great depression, WW1, and political revolutions in France and Russia and now it’s our turn. The Virus is serious, to be sure, but we will survive it and we’ll come out of it stronger, wiser, and more resilient than ever before.

Remember when the UK was facing certain defeat and the loss of their cultural heritage at the hands of Nazi Germany? Their country was given hope and the will to survive by an unlikely political leader in Sir. Winston Churchill. The population was unified against a common enemy, they did what they had to do without complaint or regret. They helped each other, prayed for each other, and survived together as one united population. The sniping between Labor and Conservative was put on the shelf, it became one party, the survival party.

I bring this up because I can’t help but see the analogy with our situation in the US today. The difference is that our enemy, COVID-19, is already on our shores, already global in scope and already a killer, albeit a silent one. No ships, no planes, no guns no leader to negotiate a cease-fire. COVID is ruthless and determined, but we can defeat it, we have only to pull together as a people, not a party. The British had bomb shelters, curfews, and blackouts we have containment, isolation, and hygiene.

So, let’s pull together, one people, strong and resilient determined to defeat a seemingly implacable enemy .

After watching portions of the conventions, both parties, there was little time spent on the pandemic especially from the RNC. The Democrats can and should second guess this administration’s management of COVID-19.

With trepidation, I’ll oversimplify and say that the Republicans are minimizing the danger by suggesting, through example, that we don’t need to wear masks and that the virus will go away on its own. This is in direct contradiction to the surging numbers and medical science. You either believe in science and fear the numbers or you don’t. I, and most disenfranchised Republicans, fall into the former category.

The Democrats, on the other hand, seem to subscribe to Lyndon Johnson’s philosophy of “guns and butter”: ” Guns and butter generally refers to the dynamics involved in a federal government’s allocations to defense versus social programs when deciding on a budget. Both areas can be critically important to a nation’s economy”.

When it comes to the Pandemic, it can’t and shouldn’t be one or the other, we need both, a healthy and safe population practicing sound medically approved social protocols and a robust economy-not “guns or butter”.